Pedro T. Monteiro
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my photo   KDBIO group
Rua Alves Redol 9
P-1000-029 Lisboa, Portugal
  Network Modelling group
Instituto de Gulbenkian de Ciência
Rua da Quinta Grande, 6
P-2780-156 Oeiras, Portugal
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Tel: (+351) 21 3100 328 Tel: (+351) 21 446 4649


News A research grant is available for development of an existing Java GUI for the qualitative simulation of epithelial patterning. More information here.

Research Interests I have been mainly interested on the analysis and validation of qualitative models of biological regulatory networks. In particular, through the use of formal verification techniques like model checking and temporal logic, for the exploration of interesting dynamical behaviours of qualitative biological models. I am currently working on the definition of diagnostics for the semi-automatic revision of biological models.
I am currently involved on the development of, a computer tool for the modeling and simulation of genetic regulatory networks.
I also belong to (Consortium for Logical Models and Tools), a consortium of research groups interested in logical modelling.

I am also interested on the study of the topological structure of the evolutionary relationships within bacterial populations. I collaborate on the development of plugins for

Finally, I collaborate, since its creation, in the regular maintenance and development of new functionalities of the database, a repository of regulatory associations for Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Teaching 2013/2014 (Spring semester): Microbial Cell Factories at IST-ULisboa (Alameda campus)
2013/2014 (Fall semester): Object oriented programming at IST-ULisboa (TagusPark campus)
2012/2013 (Fall semester): Object oriented programming at IST-ULisboa (TagusPark campus)
2011/2012 (Spring semester): Search and publication of information at ISEGI-UNL

Short Curriculum
2012-20xx: Research fellow at INESC-ID Lisboa (currently at KDBIO group with an Investigador FCT grant).
Visiting researcher at the Network Modelling group of Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.
2011-2012: Postdoctoral researcher at the Network Modelling group of Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.
2010-2011: Postdoctoral researcher at the Molecular Microbiology and Infection Unit of Instituto de Medicina Molecular.
2006-2010: Dual PhD from Instituto Superior Técnico and Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.
 - Hosted by the IBIS Group (Hidde de Jong) at INRIA Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes, France.
2005-2006: Student of the PhD Program in Computational Biology at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.
2003/2005: BSc/MSc from Instituto Superior Técnico in Information Systems and Computer Engineering.
Forthcoming Events - CMSB'15 - Computational Methods in Systems Biology, September 16-18, Nantes, France

- ISMB/ECCB'15 - European Conference on Computational Biology, July 10-14, Dublin, Ireland

- CMSB'14 - Computational Methods in Systems Biology, November 17-19, Manchester, UK

- ECCB'14 - European Conference on Computational Biology, September 8-10, Strasbourg, France

- Tutorial @ ECCB'14: Computational Tools to Define and Analyse Logical Models of Cellular Networks, September 7, Strasbourg, France

- Workshop @ ECCB'14: Workshop on Logical Modelling and Analysis of Cellular Networks, September 6, Strasbourg, France

- INForum2014: 6° Simpósio Nacional de Informática - Sessão de Bioinformática, 4-5 de Setembro de 2014, Universidade do Porto

- DILS2014 - Data Integration in the Life Sciences, July 17-18, 2014, IST Lisbon, Portugal

- Datastorm Summer School, July 14-16, 2014, Lisbon, Portugal

- XX Jornadas de Biologia de Leveduras Professor Nicolau van Uden, 11-12 Julho 2014, IST Lisboa

- WODES'14, May 14-16, 2014, École Normale Supérieure de Cachan, France

- 3rd CoLoMoTo meeting, April 17-18, 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland


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